Debate... is alive and well in the Kootenays..........

Rossland Pumpkin Classic Debate: November 2010
- participants from RSS, JLCrowe, Stanley Humphries, David Thompson Secondary
BIRT: "Chinese will be the language of the future."

JLCrowe New Year's Classic Debate:January 2011
- participants from RSS, JLCrowe, Stanley Humphries, David Thompson Secondary,
Penticton Secondary, Kelowna Secondary
BIRT: "Canada should resign its seat at the United Nations."
BIRT: " British Columbia schools be mandated to use digital books by September 2011."

Stanley Humphries Winter Debate: February 5, 2011
-participants from RSS, Stanly Humphries, J.L.Crowe
BIRT: will be "impromptu"
"Our Future is in Good Hands." 2 rounds debated aff / neg
"Poverty is a greater evil than illiteracy."
"Facebook dictates our lives."
"Sled dogs should be outlawed."
2010 saw an excellent entry level participation from Grade 6, 7 and 8 students from RSS. Way to go Debaters!!!

Now, we are preparing for Provincial Championships in Langley, March 4-5, 2011.
For information on the provincial debating championship visit debate provincials 2011
CSDF Home page for lots of debate info and tips on how to debate successfully, check out this very useful site. Look in the side bar of the CSDF home page for "Resources" for hints on how to debate like a pro!!

BIRT: Restorative Justice should play a major role in the Canadian criminal justice system.
Reference Sites for Provincial Debate Topic ResearchCorrectional Service CanadaA Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety
-a mandated review of CSC's operational priorities, strategies and business plan
-an assessment of CSC's contributions to public safety
- includes advice on how the Panel believes the current federal correctional system can be improved
Canada's Inhumane Prison Plan
-Conrad Black commenting from a US prison on the "Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety".
Section 718 of Criminal Code
-mandatory sentences of imprisonment ; the fundamental purpose of sentencing
Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Dept. of Justice Research Reports
John Howard Society
Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council
Strategic Plan for Aboriginal Corrections
Restorative Justice in Canada
Centre for Restorative Justice: SFU
Canada's safest cities: Maclean's
- mag. article on one of Canada's safest cities
CBC news: Native Issues: Restorative Justice Projects
Truth and Reconcilliation Commission
The Story of Bob Embracing Bob's Killer CBC doc
-excellent Canadian case study of restorative justice working for adult / violent crime (murder)
Centre for Justice and Reconciliation

Prison Ombudsman Slams Prisons CBC
Worsening Prison Conditions:
Globe and Mail Feb 2011
New Sentencing Act to Cost Billions CBC
Health Officials Slam "Tough on Crime " policy
The Current: CBC radio interview
look for "Crime Statistics" interview; also "Drug- Addiction Jails"
Bill C-39
Juristat home page
Juristat: Can it be trusted?
Globe and Mail: "Cost of Crime bill"
Bill S - 10
Bill S-10 MacLean's
Bill S-10 mandatory drug crime sentencing
Bill C-39: Act to Amend the Corrections / Criminal Release Act
CSC Victim Services
Community Corrections: reintegrating the prison population
Purpose of Imprisonment
EBSCO Data Base

Entertaining...Educational...Exciting... Inspirational...
Come and join us for a session. Find out if Debate is for you.
Debate Club meets:
- every Tuesday at lunch hour in the RSS Library
- every Friday after school from 3-4 for practice debating sessions
Tuesday lunch we have been practicing public speaking with impromptu topics.
Topics for Friday debates:
BIRT ... "Possession of automatic handguns be illegal." Friday, Jan. 14, 2011
BIRT ... "Education should have a base in technology." Friday, Jan. 21, 2011
BIRT... "Good spelling is no longer important." Friday, February 4, 2011
BIRT..."Prisons should be abolished in Canada." Friday, February 11,2011