Creating a professional learning network (PLN) will allow you to communicate and connect with like minded educators; engage in dialogue regarding emerging technologies and their use in education; continue learning as an educator, anywhere, anytime and contribute to communities of practice.

David Warlick, a 35 year educator from North Carolina, has an extensive website with great links to his presentations on PLNs along with suggestions to help you build your PLN.


Twitter provides users with 140 characters to express themselves. Many educators provide links to blogs, research, articles and videos in their tweets.

To find people to follow as part of your PLN here are some sites that will help you in your search:

Thank you to Richard Byrne and his Free Technology for Teachers blog for these link:


Setting up a Google Reader account will enable you to keep track of all the educational blogs you choose to follow. You can add and delete subscriptions at anytime. You can bundle your subscriptions and share them with others. Here is a link to a bundle of educational blogs:

Educational Blogs: subscribe to 92 educational blogs simply by subscribing through Google Reader

index.jpg shortens URLs and saves you characters when using Twitter.


Tie it all together using iGoogle, a personalized homepage can include your RSS feeds from Google Reader, your Google Docs, Tweets, your photos, weather, news and much more.


Finding educational blogs to follow is simple. Here are a few links to get you started:

Finding Bloggers