Research Project

You'll be seeking out answers to unique questions that will arise as you do further research about the animal you choose and its environment. Your final project will be written as a narrative from the animal's perspective. You may wish to use voicethread or create a movie using iMovie to showcase your research along with visuals.

Use scientific language throughout your report. Be thorough and make certain you use your own words. You have to be able to understand and explain it.

Choose an animal and explore at least the following:

Describe the characteristics of the animal.

Describe the animal's habitat.

What adaptations has this animal made and why did they take place?Both physical and/or behavioral.

Do they have any specific features that have been adapted?

How does this animal survive in its environment?

Can they survive in an extreme environment?

Has human development or will human development affect their chance for survival or alter how the exist?

How does your animal reproduce?

Does it have any unique behaviors?

What challenges does your animal face? Human or otherwise.

Use the following terms and ideas in your report;






Your science textbook
World Book online
School Databases - EBSCO and INFOTRACK
Library Books
Creative Commons
Google Docs

Marking Rubric